Banyule Creek and Rivergum Track, Viewbank

A walk from the Eltham Environs Walking Group.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 35E

Commences at Banyule Flats Reserve carpark, off Somerset Drive. Go through to the Main Yarra Trail at the end of the carpark. Turn right, and follow the upper path (ie the Trail), with the Banyule Wetlands on the left, and the oval on the right. After approximately half a kilometre, the Banyule Creek comes through on your right, and passes under a small footbridge. Turn right just before this bridge, and take the track along the creek, keeping it on your left, until you meet Banyule Rd. Turn left, and proceed up Banyule Rd (ignoring the first Creekbed Reserve sign in the right) until you reach the pedestrian lights and a second Creekbed Reserve sign on the right. Take the path through the Reserve until you come to Lower Plenty Rd, then turn back to Banyule Rd. Cross at the pedestrian lights and enter onto the River Gum Track ahead. Go along the track, cross the road, then continue ahead on the path past the Greening Australia offices on the left. When you reach an oval, proceed anticlockwise around its perimeter until you meet the Main Yarra Trail. Follow this to the left, eventually arriving back at the carpark at Somerset Drive.

An alternative route back to the carpark is as follows: After reaching the Main Yarra Trail, continue until you reach a building on the left. Branch off to the right, onto a track past an old farm shed. Continue on through several paddocks until you see a well-defined fence line on the left. Follow this fence until you reach the carpark at Somerset Drive. Shortly before the carpark there is a detour to the left through trees; this leads to a slightly elevated lookout, giving a good view over the Banyule Wetlands.

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