My Father

Hans’ funeral service was on 19 June 2012 at 11:15.

It was held at the Wilson Chapel in Springvale Botanical Cemetary, the same place where Emilia’s life was celebrated just under six months ago.

A service brochure lists the proceedings for the funeral.

Read on to view the tribute video and read the beautiful poems and messages read by the family at the service.

The Service

The Tribute Slide Show

Glenn Eaton

Karen and Anita

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K Dad, Anita and I understand why you went so soon after Mum’s passing. We didn’t want you to go but we know Mum was waiting for you and it was your time.


You were trying to tell us by the tears in your eyes. You are now at peace with Mum and in a happy place. You are also together again with your brother Samuel and your dear sisters, Theresia and Liesel.

A Karen and I remember the happy times we had with you Dad. You were always there for us through the good and bad times over the years.


The early years were spent camping at Mt Beauty and later at Inverloch in your holiday house by the sea. The overseas trip to Europe meeting our relations and cousins for the first time in Austria and Romania was very special to us.

K Dad, you were a keen fisherman and Anita and I remember how we’d travelled out to Western Port early in the mornings, watched the sun rise from your boat and caught King George Whiting, Flathead and Gummy Shark which we found exciting.


You also enjoyed Eel fishing and cooked them in your home built smoke house in Inverloch and shared them friends.

A Dad was a very proud, hard working and generous man who cared about family and friends. He enjoyed home cooked meals, card nights, having a beer or wine with his mates and sharing stories, jokes with his friends and just having a good laugh.


He liked good company and his smile said it all. He also liked to help friends and his neighbours with odd jobs.

If there was something to be done he was there an on time!

K Dad was a member of the Austrian Club and loved the music and singing and dancing with Mum.


Memories of you will never be forgotten.

K & A Dad, you will always be remembered and in our hearts and prayers forever.


We will love you always (wir lieben dich).

God bless you.

Rest in Peace Dad.



Karen Eaton

Chris and Jason

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C I know we are feeling a little bit sad that we have lost our Oppa, our friend and our father.
J Together we have cried an ocean of tears.
C As we feel so empty and hold many fears,
J … but Oppa would want us to know that he is in a happy place and that he is watching us all with a smile on his face as we have made him so proud,
C … as proud as can be that he has raised such a beautiful and special family.
J Thinking back now, I feel so lucky and privileged to have known my Oppa in life.


You have played such a special part.


The memories I will cherish and hold close to my heart.


For me I feel blessed to have known him.


For us all be grateful his life has come to a beautiful end to each and one of us he loved and cared,


… and for a family be thankful for the good times we shared.


Although he is gone, we will always be forever together and his spirit will live within us forever.


When you look to the night sky look for the brightest star as that will be him looking down from the heavens above.


And now I would like to thank the good Lord for blessing us with our Oppa with his kindness and love.


Dear God, if it’s not too much fuss, take very special care of him as he was very dear to us all.


Oppa if you are listening say a prayer for us every day,


… be sure to protect us and guide us on our way.


We know when God called you. You had to go but we want you to know we love you and miss you so.

Chris and Jason Tyrrell


I wish I had known Oppa for longer. I also wish I could have had a conversation with him.

It was hard to see him in the nursing home and now he’s in a better place.

I will miss him very much.

Good Bye Oppa.

Kyle Eaton


I didn’t know Oppa for that long but now Omma and Oppa share the same star and they are together and when I heard that Oppa had passed away my heart sank and I also feel very sad because I really wished he could’ve lasted a few more years.

Good Bye Oppa, I will miss you very very very much. I will never forget you.

Connor Eaton

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