My Mother

Emilia’s funeral service was on 19 January 2012 at 2:15 pm.

It was held at the Wilson Chapel in Springvale Botanical Cemetery.

A service brochure lists the proceedings for the funeral.

Read on to view the tribute video and read the beautiful poems and messages read by the family at the service.

The Service

The Tribute Slide Show

Glenn Eaton

Karen and Anita

AMum had a beautiful calm nature and with her infectious smile and warm personality she touched the hearts of many people throughout her life.
KRosanna was home to her and as a family we shared many good times there.
AThe Austrian Club was a social highlight for my Mum and Dad. They both enjoyed going to dances and meeting up with their friends.
KAs a family we spent time at Lake Eucumbene in a caravan, camping at Mount Beauty along the Kiewa River at Christmas and at Mount Buller in winter.
ADad was a member of the Austrian Club and loved the music and singing and dancing with Mum.   Memories of you will never be forgotten.
KLater we spent much time at Inverloch spending many happy holidays down at the beach.   In 1980 we travelled to Europe. It was lovely to see mum be reunited with her family there for a short time. The “Sound of Music” tour was another highlight for mum.
AWe also remember mum for her lovely homemade:   Pastries Apple and cheese strudels Poppy seed cakes Black forest cakes Roast pork and potato dumplings was also a favourite
KMum spoilt us with beautiful food, one of her many ways of showing how much she loved us.   Food, along with her special filter coffee, was also an important part of Mum’s social life, she made many treats for her friends. She also enjoyed her Lambrusco wine and Tim Tams very much. These were some of her favourite things and we present them to you at the service end to enjoy them as mum did.
K & ALastly, mum, you were the true meaning of being a mum and you taught us how to be loving parents.   Thanks for everything, Karen and Anita.


Our Special Mum

KOur thoughts of you are of smiles and laughter and all the good times we have thereafter, you made us laugh and you made us cry, it’s so very hard to say good-bye.
AFond memories of you will never cease, we’ll cherish the good times at the beach, with your beloved Hans and late sister, Frieda too, may she finally rest with you.
KYour life was one of fun, sun and song, let us share the happy moments here where they belong.   Inverloch was a very special place by the sea for you, the Austrian club also with friends and dancing too.
A & KSo may you shine like a bright star in the night sky, our memories and dreams of you will get us by, always remembered and in our hearts, you were our Mum and still are.   WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS, WIR LIEBEN DICH GOD BLESS YOU MUM REST IN PEACE AUFWIEDERSHEN



A beautiful angel is all that is here,

Saying o’Lord please leave me here,

Not ready to leave but has to go,

Wants to go back but God says it’s your time,

A husband and children, grandchildren and friends,

A meaningful life that suddenly ends,

An angel is what she was meant to be,

Now think of all that she can see,

Watching over her family night and day,

Saying I love you in her own special way,

In the night we sleep and in the day we cry …

… while she watches us all from her star in the sky.

Chris Tyrrell.

Tribute to Mum

(This wasn’t read out at the funeral, the text is included as they are words which were dear to Emilia)

Zu unsere liebe Mama, diesen Stern scheint uber dich jede nacht und wenn wir in der nacht shauen sehen wir dein hubsches gesicht und denken wir an dir


Zu unsere liebe Mama, das Engel schaut uber dich heute und fur immer, vielen lieben gedenke.


Jesukindlein komm zu mir, mach ein fromes kind aus mir, mein herz ist klein, kann niemand hinein, als du mein liebes Jesulein.



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