Skimpy, by Kellie Arrowsmith

Not normally the book I would pick up, but as I was given it I thought I would give it  a try. Skimpy is an auto biography by Kellie Arrowsmith, a “skimpy” bar waitress.

Skimpy, by Kellie ArrowsmithThe text features a lot of “ockerish” and maybe “bogan” humour told in a fun way by the author. There is a lot of use of the “F bomb” to the point where it just gets annoying.

A lot of the book covers Kellie’s problems with her vehicles. With the money her boyfriend was making you’ve got to wonder why she didn’t just get a new car. It would have saved a lot of stress; but the reader would’ve missed out on some funny chapters.

There are many stories of crocodiles (but no actual encounters), snakes and other wildlife that can sometimes be found inside an abode of Australia’s top end. It’s also a good view of how the “skimpy”, and probably escort/prostitute, industry works. The author moves on to the office but seems to miss the “skimpy” work behind the bars. Girls pulling out of jobs without notice caused the most problems for the office staff trying to keep bar managers happy.

The only good advice I got from the book was that if you are going to Kakadu National Park; don’t go on a tour, rent an off-road vehicle and take yourself around the park. It’s much cheaper and you can go where you want and for as long as you want.


Overall it’s a fun easy read. Not the best written or funniest book I’ve read, but it’s an interesting insight into how some of the people of Darwin and surrounds live.



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