This part really made us work. I wish I was dressed more lightly here. No one wanted to carry the backpack at this point.

Skyline Road: the ‘Four Winds’ property / Kinglake National Park

Walking the Skyline Road walk near Yarra Glen. I got the details of the Skyline walk near Yarra Glen from the Eltham and Environs Walking Group.

Skyline Road Walk near Yarra Glen

Most of the description is accurate, the only landmark I couldn’t find was Brennans Road. It was an excellent two hour walk to do; and a good one to get into bush-walking. There are only a couple of steep sections and they aren’t too long or steep.

Walk Description

Commences from a small parking bay on the left hand side of Skyline Road North, 200m south of ‘Four Winds’ (marked on the Melway map). Walk to the end of the road, and go through the gate that leads into ‘Four Winds’. Of the 3 roads, take the second – an earth road that is almost immediately ahead.

After about half a kilometre, the track forms an intersection with a steep track coming in from the right. Turn left, and descend quite steeply down. After crossing a creek (usually dry), the track ascends steeply, and gradually loops back towards ‘Four Winds’.

Walk past Brennans Rd, on the left. Vegetation covers part of the track in its middle section (following 2009 fires), and this has partly obscured the track*. There is about an hour and half to two hours of walking (6-7km) involved on the main track.

Return to the cars, using the upper track that passes close to the ‘Four Winds’ home. Note that the upper track makes for more comfortable walking after rain, as the lower track can become quite muddy.

If walking in the opposite direction, take the track that veers left down hill; a burnt tree has fallen across the track at the point where it divides.

Our Walk

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