Still Alice, Lisa Genova

Still Alice is a fictional book about Alice, a highly intelligent professor and researcher, who gets Alzheimer’s disease at the incredibly young age of around fifty.

Publisher:July 6, 2007, by iUniverse, Inc.
ISBN10: 0595440096
Characteristics:292 pages, Paperback
Source:Street Library and returned.

The book begins taking the reader into Alice’s busy and demanding life. It’s clear that her intelligence is highly valued by her students and colleagues.

The encroachment of the disease on Alice is well expressed in the book. The first sign of trouble is when Alice loses her way on a run doing a route often followed. You feel as lost as her when she forgets how to get home. The memory erasure reaches its peak towards the end of the book when she cannot remember family names. It’s incredibly sad when she refers to her daughters as the woman who’s an actor and the woman with a child.

Still Alice, front cover.
Still Alice, front cover.

Reading the end notes it turns out that “Alice” seems to have been based on the author who is a renowned American neuroscientist with an interest in Alzheimer’s disease. Lisa Genova’s grandmother suffered from the disease which gave her the inspiration and material to write the book.

Featured image: Photo by Pixabay.

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