A Girl From Shep: A Memoir

A look at through the 1950s in Shepparton and other places, through the eyes of a local biographer.

Publisher:Kindle, 2018.
Author:Judith Doyle
Characteristics:E-book, 147 pages
Source:Own Library.

I learnt of this e-book from Janis Cook’s website. It wasn’t until I was up to the children being born that I realised that the author, Judith Doyle, was her mother.

It’s a quaint look at how life in a large country town was in the 1950s. There are many references to local landmarks and businesses which may be useful for researching Shepparton’s history. Judith didn’t spend all of her residential days in Shepparton, there were a number of moves, including one to Mitcham.

Judith also includes much of her private life, and it was interesting to read of her experience working as a colourist at Varloine’s Studios, a photography business in Shepparton. In addition to work, there’s information about her marriages, one divorce, children and grand children; which I think is a bit too much personal information to include in a publication.

Shepparton Post Office, where Judith’s first husband worked. The building is now gone.


But good on her for making the effort to put her life to paper, not an easy task. It is a good read and the old photos help paint the picture of what life was like back then. It makes you appreciate modern life somewhat.

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