Ads That Made Australia

This book covers the role of advertising from when the first newspapers and bill posters were published in Australia until television. It covers in much detail the development of commerce along with advertising.

Publisher:Doubleday Australia Limited, 14 Mars Road, Lane Cove NSW. 1981
Author:John Bryden-Brown
ISBN 10: 0868240648
Characteristics:26.0 x 26.0cms, 240pp, b/w Illusts Fine Soft Cover
Source:Own Library.
Ads That Made Australia-front cover

Much history of Australia is covered along with the advertising that drove and followed trends. Advertising is a reflection of society and a source of its change, and each aspect of Australian life is covered, including transport, lifestyle and wartime.

Victa Lawnmowers

One example of how advertising can get a brand going was Victa Lawnmowers. Invented by Mervyn Richardson, a sales engineer, the Victa Lawnmower revolutionised home garden care. But without a brilliant marketing campaign with its famous slogan “turning grass into lawn”, the lawnmower might have never become an Australian icon.


For lovers of Australian history, not political history, but what shaped life for everyday Australians. For the more recent years it’s a pleasant walk down a familar road with old ads you recognise. An excellent read. Unfortunately not much chance of an update to include the effects of the internet.

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