The 'original' Ettamogah Pub in Albury, NSW. This pub started as a fictional feature in a cartoon by Ken Maynard and was published inThe Australasian Post from 1959.

Canberra, Blue Mountains and Sydney 1990

One of our first trips together, a trip up to Canberra, then the beautiful Blue Mountains and Sydney.

First stop was the iconic Ettamogah Pub in Albury. This featured in a cartoon by Ken Maynard published in “The Australasian Post” from 1959. It was a fun tourist attraction with basic food and many souvenirs to buy.

Next stop was Canberra, and along with the usual attractions there was a new one called Cockington Green which features model buildings in a beautiful “miniature” garden. The grass has a fine texture to fit in with the miniature size.

Staying at Katoomba The Blue Mountains were a fantastic highlight of the trip. Sydney too was great to visit; and to walk across the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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