Last Dusk and Sunset. The sun sets on the beach and on our holiday house ownership in Inverloch. Last overnight stay at the Inverloch holiday house.

Good-bye Inverloch (holiday house)

Good-bye to our Inverloch holiday house. The last stages of cleaning up and removing all furniture from our holiday house and our last overnight stay.

For Hans it started on the 29th of December 1971 with the purchase of a block of land from the farmer John Cuttriss. House plans were drawn up on 13/10/1975 and house construction soon followed. The Rieger family had 43 years of happy times in Inverloch.

My years here were long too, having met Karen in 1990 and watching Kyle and Connor spend many of their growing years on Andersons Inlet, Inverloch will be missed.

Having been sold in September 2014 we used the holidays to make the most of our last stays in an Inverloch holiday house. After all belongings were taken home we came back for one last look at the house in Karen’s Micra; and we visited a point of interest in Wonthaggi on the way home, the site of Victoria’s worst mine disaster in 1937.


On our way home from doing the Foster to Port Welshpool ride we passed through Inverloch. The old holiday house was looking great with a striking new seaside colour scheme, on the front at least! A new driveway and a walled in car port are the other obvious changes.

The old holiday house at 3 Anderson Ave, Inverloch
The old holiday house at 3 Anderson Ave, Inverloch

The beach had changed too, with much of the tea tree forest gone. It used to be a struggle getting the kayak through here, but now there are no obstacles.

Beach near Anderson Ave, Inverloch. Inverloch visit, Feb 2019.
Beach near Anderson Ave, Inverloch. Hans’ steps are still serving the community. Inverloch visit, Feb 2019.

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