Pecks Dam, Montmorency.

Pecks Dam and Old Eltham Rd, Montmorency

A pleasing walk through Montmorency with a lovely water feature to explore.

A walk from the Eltham and Environs Walking Group (EEWG).

A short easy walk that doesn’t stray too far from suburbia, and there is a pleasant surprise at the end.

Pecks Dam, Montmorency.
Pecks Dam, Montmorency.
Pecks Dam, Montmorency.
Pecks Dam, Montmorency.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 11M

From the Library, take the gravel path leading away from the Library. After a few metres, this will join a bitumen path beside Diamond Creek. Continue along this and cross the creek at the 2nd pedestrian bridge (or at the pedestrian bridge after walking under the road bridge) Continue along this path.

Turn right onto Brougham St, and walk to the end (higher end). Turn left into Bolton St for a few metres, and cross the road to Napier St. Walk to the end of Napier St, then up the dirt path on the left.

Observe Pecks Dam. Walk half way round it, and join the bitumen path. Turn left. Walk between the homes to arrive at Grand Boulevard. Cross the road and turn left. Watch for an easement on the right, and walk down it to arrive at Belmont Cres. Turn left, and walk to the end. Cross the road at Olympic Ave, and walk up through Olympic Ave Reserve.

At Buena Vista Dve, turn left, then at the roundabout turn right onto Grand Boulevard. Walk to the end of Grand Boulevard and cross Main Rd. Walk up Panorama Ave to the end. Turn left onto Old Eltham Rd. Walk along a narrow dirt path. When it disappears on one side of the road, the path is on the other side. At the end, turn left and walk down the steep Bolton St. to the lights. Cross Main Rd and turn right. Continue along Main Rd turning towards Eltham.

At Falkiner St turn left. When a faint path into Barak Reserve appears on the right, take it, and turn left. Continue along it, then along Bell St past Eltham High School. At the corner (Withers Way), leave the road, and walk down a path on the right leading past Eltham Leisure Centre. Cross Brougham St. Walk past the first pedestrian bridge and cross at the second (on the right, just before the road bridge). Walk to the trestle bridge. The cars are across the grass on the right.

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