Hanimex X101 camera

Hanimex X101 camera

A chance entry in a competition where you answer a question in so many words won me a free camera!

At the time I was using an Agfa Isolette I. It was won when in Year 6 at Beaconsfield Upper Primary School during 1974. It wasn’t much of a camera though. The very spartan instamatic Hanimex X101 camera was easy to use and the photos were acceptable.

Geoff Barthold and Jeff Crawford outside the Ballarat Times building.

Having not to mess about with aperture and shutter settings means candid photos could be taken.

It took 126 sized film (an easy to load version of 35mm film) and it came with a fixed focus lens. It used “magic cube” flash cubes. It was quick to use and was ideal for quick photos at parties but the photos weren’t very clear. From a photography point of view it was a step backwards from the Agfa Isolette.

Shepherds cottage, near Bendigo. Taken on a school excursion in 1977 with a Hanimex X101 camera.

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