Minolta Pocket Autopak 50 Camera

A very compact and handy camera, the Minolta Pocket Autopak 50.

This camera originally belonged to my mother. It was small enough to fit in a handbag and would be brought out when a family photo opportunity arose, making it the predecessor to the mobile phone camera.

The film used was the tiny 110 size which recorded negatives 16mm in size. Like all Minolta cameras it was well made, reliable and simple to use.

  • Type: pocket camera
  • Manufacturer: Minolta
  • Year of release: 1973
  • Films: Type 110 16mm film cartridges
  • Lens: Rokkor 1:8/26mm (3 glass elements)
  • Focusing: two distance zones selectable
  • Shutter: speed 1/40 sec. in flash mode, or between 10 sec. and 1/330 sec. in CdS-meter controlled mode
  • viewfinder: bright frame finder with parallax correction, LED indicator for insufficient light, and distance symbols
  • Flash: magicubes, indicator for used-up cubes in viewfinder
  • Dimensions: 130×58×26mm
  • Weight: 190 g

User Manual

The closet available is for the Minolta Pocket AutoPak 450E / 430E. It seems to be the same as the Minolta Pocket Autopak 50.

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