Karingal Drive, Karingal Creek and Ryans Rd, Eltham North

A walk from the Eltham Environs Walking Group.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 6M

Commences from Eltham Library. There are 2 versions of this walk.

Version 1:

Karingal Creek. Cross Alistair Knox Park (opposite the Library) to pick up a path which crosses Diamond Creek (just below the bridge on the northern side of Bridge Rd). Continue west across the grass hillocks to a skateboard facility. Continue west along Brisbane St (at the rear of Bunnings), cross Silver St, and at the point where Brisbane St turns right, look for a wooden staircase which leads into a car repair facility. Walk into Sherbourne Rd, veering right.

After passing under the railway viaduct, turn right into Meruka Dve. After crossing the bridge, veer left up a slope through cypress trees to a child-care centre on the left. Proceed straight ahead through the grassy slope to join Gleneagle Way. Turn left here, and just before Karingal Dve, turn right onto Nerreman Gateway, and then pick up a track which parallels Karingal Creek, rather than walk up the steep road on the right.

When the path reaches Ramptons Rd, cross the road and enter a small reserve. Continue to follow the creek to Weidlich Rd. Turn right here, and at the roundabout turn into Progress Rd. Proceed east along Progress Rd. After 500m, look for some wooden steps on the right; follow the track to join Snowball Rd. Turn left into Manning Rd, and then after 30m right onto a sealed path. Follow the path down then up, continuing straight on when the path meets another path. This leads into Marrakai Ct. At the end of the court, turn right into Laurison Rd.

This eventually leads into Ryans Rd. Turn right and walk down the steep road to a roundabout. Turn left here into Kerrie Cres, cross Silver St, and continue down Diamond St. Cross the single-lane bridge at Diamond Creek, then turn into Andrew Park on the right to return to the cars.

Version 2:

Ryans Rd area. Leave the Library by walking under the adjacent railway bridge. Follow the path on the left around the oval. At the fence, turn right into Diamond St, and cross the railway line at the gates. Turn left, and walk 150m along Main Rd, before turning left again to cross the railway line. Follow the sealed path with the Aged Care Facility on the left to reach Railway Pde.

After walking 300m along this road, look for a cutting on the left with a footbridge enabling you to cross Diamond Creek. This leads to Gum Glade. At the top of Gum Glade, turn right into Scenic Cres, then almost immediately, left again into Sherbrooke Rd. The first road off this is Allison Cres. Turn right here to pick up a steeply rising footpath to Ryans Rd.

Turn right, go through the roundabout, them left into Progress Rd. Turn left into Laurison Rd, then right into Manning Rd. Just before the end of this road, as it rises, look for a sealed path on the left. Turn left onto this, and where it meets another path coming in from the right, turn left and walk down then up to reach Marrakai Ct. At the point, follow the route for Version 1 to return to the cars.

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