Montmorency easements, Were St and the rail line

A walk from the Eltham and Environs Walking Group (EEWG).

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 8M

Commences from Eltham Library. Walk south along the gravel path and join the bitumen path. Continue under the road bridge, walk beside the rugby oval, and turn right at the foot bridge across Diamond Creek. Turn left and walk along the path to Brougham Sat. Turn right, and walk to the T junction at Bolton St, crossing Susan St along the way.

Turn right, cross Bolton St (considerable care needed) then left into Pedersen Way. At the end of Pedersen Way, follow a path into the reserve. Just before the signboard, turn right, and circle a small grassy area. Return to the path, cross it, then walk half way around Peck’s Dam. Enter Napier St (not signposted) on the opposite side of the dam, and down a steep mound, walk 300m, then follow one of the following alternatives:

  1. At Kirwanna Reserve turn right, and walk to Kirwanna Grove. Turn left. A further 200m on, turn right to enter an easement. Walk along this to Buena Vista Dve.
  2. At Kirwanna Reserve, which will be on the right, continue along Napier St for a further 50 or so metres to an easement also on the right. Turn right into this easement, and walk through to Kirwanna Gr (not signposted). Cross the end of this street and continue straight ahead into the easement in front of you, and walk to Buena Vista Dve.

Walk left for 80m, then right along an easement to Sackville St (not signposted). Look across the end of this road for a path between houses (not easy to see!), and which will lead down to Cressy St. Follow this, and at its end turn right. After 300m along Cressy St, turn right into Quinn Way, then left into Sackville St.

About 50m along Sackville St look for a path occupying an easement (again, not obvious) on the right. Walk up this steep path between houses to Reichelt Ave, then turn left. Walk about 350m, cross Grand Boulevard, go through the roundabout at Buena Vista Dve, and continue to Wooded Way.

Turn left, walk to the end of this road, and then through a small reserve. Turn right into Looker Rd. At the T junction, turn right into Rattray Rd, then immediately left into Ripper Ct. Enter Petrie Park and follow the path to the left. There are toilets on the right.

The path rises steeply to the road. Cross Mountain View Pde into Binns St. After 250m, turn left into Were St, and stop for a drink at one of the cafes.

There are now three alternatives:

  1. Continue to the end of Were St, and turn left into Rattray Rd. At Reichelt Ave turn right then left into Olympic Ave, then left into Belmont Cres, and left into Grand Boulevard. Cross Bolton St (with care), then left into Brougham St. Just before the bridge, turn left into the walking trail, and back to the cars.
  2. Return to Binns St. Cross Mountain View Pde and enter Petrie Park. Walk to the eastern end and enter Roberts Rd. Walk to the end, and turn left into Rattray Rd. At the roundabout, cross the road, then walk across the grass on the left to reach the wide track beside the railway line. Walk beside the line, crossing Silver St along the way, until past all the factories, workshops, etc. On reaching Alistair Knox Park, turn right, walk diagonally across this reserve until a bitumen path is reached. Follow this to Diamond Creek. Use the footbridge to cross the creek, turn left, and return to the cars.
  3. Return to Binns St. Cross Mountain View Pde. Cross the road and turn left across the railway bridge. Turn right into Bridge Cres, and stay on the right of the street. After a few metres, walk down a short, grassy slope to a wide track beside the railway. When safe, cross the line to the track on the other side. Just before Sherbourne Ave is reached, there is a gravel road (Stephen St) on the right continuing beside the railway verge. Join this. At Sherbourne Ave, cross the road, then rejoin the rail track as in Alternative B above.
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