School Days (Glenn)

Class photos from prep to Form 2 (year 8). After Form 2 I moved to Haileybury College and the only class photos you got is the entire “house” photo, consisting of about 100 students , published in the end of year school magazine. Your face ends up being a few printed dots!

If you know any of the unknown names in the photos please let me know at my email address and I will update the information.

Hampton Park Primary School

The beginning of my education, Hampton Park Primary School.

1968 Prep

Front: ?, Donna Pappas, Debbie Cameron, Merilyn Wren, ?, Louise ?, Julie-Anne Robertson (Robinson?), Sheree Ryan, Lisa Rasmussen
Row-2: Tony Tucci, Glenn Eaton, ?, Stephen Gay, Tony ?, Geoff Tomamicheal, ?, Reg Langley
Row-3: ?, ?, Heather ?, Kerrie Reynolds, ?, Glenda Storrick, Andrew Beck
Back Row: ?, Chris Webb, ?, ?, Jeff Miller, Shane Coates, Andrew Perry

1970 Grade 2

Front: Jeff Miller, Andrew Perry, Shane Coates
Row-2: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Daphne Clooney, ?, ?, ?
Row-3: Reg Langley, ?, Timothy ?, Geoffrey Tomamichael, Stephen Gay, Tony ?, Glenn Eaton, ?, ?, Andrew Beck
Row-4: ?, ?, Heather ?, ?, Kerrie Reynolds, ?, ?, Glenda Storrick, Julie-Anne Robinson
Back Row: Chris Webb, Lisa Rasmussen, Sheree Ryan, Louise ?, ?, Merilyn Wren, Debbie Cameron, Donna Pappas, ?, Rodney Fay

1971 Grade 3

Front: Andrew Perry
Row-2: Debbie Cameron, Donna Pappas, Louise ?, Glenda Storruck, Kerrie Reynolds, ?, Heather ?, ?, Julie-Anne Robinson
Row-3: ?, ?, ?, Stephen Gay, Glenn Eaton, Geoffrey Tomamichael, Reg Langley, Andrew Beck
Row-4: ?, Daphne Clooney, Merilyn Wren, Jennifer Baker, Chris Webb, Sheree Ryan, Lisa Rasmussen, ?, ?
Back: Shane Coates, Rodney Fay, Geoff Miller, Michael Clay

1972 Grade 4 Hampton Park Primary School

Front: ?, Lisa Rasmussen, Michael Clay, Jeff Miller, Rodney Fay, ?, Daphne Clooney
Row-2: ?, ?, Merilyn Wren, Jennifer Baker, Debbie Cameron, Donna Pappas, Sheree Ryan
Row-3: Heather ?, Julie-Anne Robinson, Sandra Talbot, Glenda Storrock, Kerrie Reynolds, ?, ?, ?
Back: Andrew Perry, Reg Langley, Timothy ?, ?, Geoffrey Tomamichael, Stephen Gay, Glenn Eaton, Peter Laidlaw, ?, Shane Coates, Andrew Beck

1973 Grade 5

This was to be my last year at Hampton Park Primary School. And it was with the best teacher, Mr Ray Heathcote; who is now the Berwick RSL President.

Front: Shane Coates, Andrew Perry
Row-2: Michael Clay, Rodney Fay, Jeff Miller, ? Toner, ? Toner (twins), Merilyn Wren, Sheree Ryan, Daphne Clooney, Lisa Rasmussen
Row-3: Donna Pappas, Jennifer Baker, Heather ?, Glenda Storrick, Kathy Salt, Kerrie Reynolds, ?, Julie-Anne Robinson, Sandra Talbot, Debbie Cameron, ?
Back: Andrew Beck, Timothy ?, ?, ?, Stephen Gay, Glenn Eaton, Geoffrey Tomamicheal, Peter Laidlaw, Chris Webb, Reg Langley

1974 Grade 6, Beaconsfield Upper Primary School

My first and last year at Beaconsfield Upper Primary School. This was a bit hard as I had left all of my friends at Hampton Park and had to make new ones. The teacher, Mr Atkins tended to favour the girls and was not a patch on Mr H!

Front: Lachlan Jackson, Doug Hamilton, Chris Bosman, David Harvey, Les Guilfoyle, Darren Short, Gideon Cox, Ben Easton
Centre: Debbie Trott, Pam Goldsmith, Clair Jenkins, Maris Rock, Elizabeth Crabtree, ?, Renate Vicum, Lisa Harvey, Keryn Foster
Back: Jeff Crawford, Scott Poulton, Glenn Eaton, David Worrell, Andrew Ewenson, Murray Harris, Tony Mitchem, Wayne Rogers

1975 Year 7 (aka Form 1) Pakenham High School

The move away from primary school to “big” school at Pakenham High School. As it still is, it’s a significant change in the students you attend with and how the classes are run. Instead of one teacher for the year there’s one for each subject. About half of the students were from Beaconsfield Upper Primary, the rest came from schools in Pakenham itself.

I was put into Henty house, another new concept to experience. Houses were mainly used for sports competitions and out of class teacher assistance and guidance for students.

Front: Debbie Meredith, Lyndie Williams, Anne Marie Jennings, Faye Fox, Karen McIntyre, Claire Jenkins, Leisa Harvey, Debra Trott, Kerryn Foster.
Row 2: Kaylene Studd, Renate Vicum, Cathy Salt, Angela Whitty, Maris Rocke, Lisa Bernault, Debborah Gallus
Row 3: Ben Easton, Gary Taylor (?), Gina Raskatos, Colleen Smith, Colleen O’Connor, Jeff Crawford, Doug Hamilton, Gideon Cox.
Back: Paul McBreen, Wayne Rogers, Glenn Eaton, David Worrell, Andrew Ewenson, David Dodson, Les Guilfoyle, Jeffery Wedlock (?).

Thanks to Ben Easton for some of the names.

1976 Year 8 Pakenham High School

1976 and the school photos are now in colour, although not as sharp as the monochrome photos. One of the few improvements in the education system.

1976 Year 8 Pakenham High School. Front: ?, ?, ?
Row 2: ?, Jeff Crawford, Renate Vicum, Andrew Ewenson, Angela ?, Glenn Eaton, ?
Row 3:

Front: Debbie Trott, ?, ?
Row 2: ?, Jeff Crawford, Renate Vicum, Andrew Ewenson, Angela ?, Glenn Eaton, ?
Row 3:

1977 to 1980, Year 9 to Year 12 — Haileybury College

After a number of prolonged teacher strikes and other education deficiencies in 1977 I began Year 9 at Haileybury College in Keysborough, a large but a relatively new private school.

Very different to Pakenham High, Haileybury College was a culture shock. There were no girls and lots of discipline, including keeping your uniform smart and clean. No untidy neck ties or hair cuts were allowed. The only other student I knew was Jeff Crawford who came along a few months after I started.

The care and attention showed by the teachers to their students and subject material was significantly better than in the public school system. I recall at Pakenham High at one French class the teacher simply sat down and told us to do private study for the entire lesson, when he was supposed to be teaching.

And the amenities were much better. Haileybury had an outdoor swimming pool some 25m long (I think). Although in the cooler weather you wished they didn’t have one.

Haileybury did take student photos, but they were of your entire “house” photo, consisting of about 100 students , published in the end of year school magazine. Your face ends up being a few printed dots. I was put in Sholto Black house; which house you get allocated to depends on where you live.

Sovereign Hill Excursion, November 1977

The only photos I have found so far from the time at Haileybury are from a class excursion to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat.

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