St Katherine's Church & cemetery, St Helena

St Katherine’s Church and Bushland Reserve, Greensborough

A pleasant and easy walk through Eltham North, visiting a lovely disused church and cemetery.

This walk takes you around a lovely area with many pretty, colourful gardens.

The description is accurate until reaching St Helenas Road. The church is about 400m on the left down the road in Anthony Beale Reserve. Enter the reserve and then turn right into the sign posted church car park driveway.

On the way back, the instructions are not quite right. From Karingal Drive turn left into Weidlich Street and then after 100m turn right to follow the waterway which runs parallel to Karingal Drive. Walk on the left track, as the right-hand one quickly becomes impassable, until reaching Ramptons Road.

Follow Ramptons Road up the hill and around a sharp bend to return to your car.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 25E

Commences at Warringah Cres Eltham. Walk North along Warringah Crescent and cross the road block into Ramptons / Laurison Road.

Walk to the top of the hill and on to Progress Road. Cross Progress Rd and walk left for a few metres. Turn right into Dale Avenue and walk to the park at the end. Diagonally cross the park and walk through the right-of-way to Weidlich Street. Cross immediately and walk to the back of the houses where there is an easement and water course running behind the houses. Follow this, crossing St Clems St, to find the path in the park opposite. Follow this path which will cross Glen Katherine Drive and finish at St Helena Road.

Cross St Helena Road and turn left to use the footpath to access the Cemetery and St Katherine’s Church Grounds. To return, follow St Helena Road to Karingal Drive. Turn left and walk to WeidlichRd. Turn right here, and walk to Karingal Creek, crossing through a further roundabout on the way, and passing Acheron Way. Turn left next to the bus shelter to use the foot path on the North side of the creek. Follow this path to Ramptons Road. Walk along Ramptons Road, past the road block, turning sharp right here into Warringah Cres, and a return to the cars.

The Map

Total distance: 6728 m
Max elevation: 117 m
Min elevation: 50 m
Total climbing: 675 m
Total descent: -701 m
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