Grayscale Photography of Person Holding Black Dslr Camera. Photo: Md Iftekhar Uddin Emon

Video Shooting Guide

Equipment Care

Modern cameras vary quite a bit as to how much punishment they can take. Generally keep camera and media away from:

  • HEAT
  • DUST

Except for Go Pro and similar cameras, handle the equipment gently, sudden shocks will upset the delicate mechanism within.

NEVER point the camera to any bright light for an extended period of time, especially the sun. Special filters are available for shooting into the sun. This is especially needed to protect your retina from the sun, more than a quick glance and your eye sight could be compromised.

Camera Use

  • Prepare for use, load cassette or other media, press record (this depends on the camera, refer to the manufacturer’s manual).
  • Hold the camera steady, but NOT still. Try to avoid bumps.

Video Composition

(Hints On Making Your Video Interesting)

  • Try not to make the scenes too long, 20 seconds is enough for most sequences.
  • If you have access to a computer editing is quite easy, otherwise try to keep the mistakes to a minimum to make editing easier.
  • Ensure continuity. Sequences should relate to each other; to tell a story or report on an event.
  • Video is best for recording action, not still scenes. -don’t use zoom at first, it will show up the slightest camera movement present.
  • Try not to zoom and shoot. Use the zoom feature to compose and frame your shot, then shoot away. Zooming during shooting is OK if you are following the action etc, but make sure it’s actually needed.
  • Try to keep the action centre-screen. Follow the action if necessary to keep it there.
  • Try to change the camera position in between shots, otherwise things will appear to jump around. If the camera cannot be moved the zoom lens can be used to change the composition.
  • Stay on the same side of the action. This keeps the action moving in the same direction. Changing sides (and direction) will confuse the viewer.

Note: These hints are intended to be a guide only. It’s impossible to follow them all at once on the first attempt at video making. Video is an art form in itself. It takes much practice to develop the necessary skills for obtaining good video composition, however, it is well worth the effort.


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