CERES to Fairfield, Merri Creek, Brunswick East

A walk from the Eltham Environs Walking Group.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 38E

Commences at CERES near the corner of Roberts St and Stewart Street, East Brunswick. Roberts St is off Blyth St, which is an extension of Separation St and Arthurton St. Walk to Merri Creek via the winding path through the CERES property. Turn right onto the Merri Creek Trail, and walk 1.5km to a major road bridge. Although the path continues on under the bridge, it leads to a dead-end. Instead, veer right up a path; this, in turn, becomes a board walk. Turn left onto an asphalt path, and on reaching a major road (St George’s Rd), turn right to cross the bridge. Turn right onto a path (the continuation of Merri Creek Trail), and walk on what is now the opposite side of Merri Creek. Walk about 450m, and turn right onto a footbridge to cross Merri Creek again. Continue for about 150m on the path that extends beyond the bridge, ignoring a path on the right which traverses Thomas Kidney Reserve. A further 350m brings you to Rushall Station. Continue on Merri Creek Trail for about 600m, passing under the High Street bridge. When the trail climbs quite steeply, you have reached Heidelberg Road. At this point, about turn. Most of the return journey is a retracing of the route. However, a variation is possible at Rushall Station. To do this, cross the bridge at Rushall Station, and walk 150m along McLachlan St. Turn left at Cunningham St to join the Trail after 100m. Walk 800m to the St George’s Rd bridge. Cross the bridge, and immediately take the steeply sloping path down on the left. This takes you back onto the Merri Creek Trail. Return to CERES for a drink or lunch.

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