Changing Sands of Inverloch

After going to Inverloch since 1991 for summer our summer holidays I always knew that the sand banks in Andersons Inlet were constantly changing.

Thanks to Google at Earth Engine it’s possible to see what happens. There is an animated sequence of satellite images from 1984 to 2016.

The most right (Eastern) side hand stream flowing up the image stays in pretty much the same place, due to being sheltered more from the ocean tidal currents and storm exposure than the western inlet mouth. The one in the middle moves the east over time and is trending towards merging with the most eastern channel.

The tip of the peninsula (Point Smythe) starts off heavily silted up but over time it opens up. This explains why the boat ramp has been eroded now that the protection the sand bank gave has gone.

The animation can be seen below or by following the link.

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