Beechworth Post Office. Beechworth, June 2017.

Chiltern and Beechworth long weekend

The Queen’s birthday long weekend is a great time to get away as the weather keeps some of the crowds away. This time it was a visit to Chiltern and Beechworth and the opportunity to do three walks.


First stop was Chiltern to have some lunch at a bakery that was highly recommended.

The Walks

One motivation for going to Beechworth was to do some walks from Melanie Ball’s Top Walks in Victoria. All three were excellent, but we lost the trail on the Beechworth Town and Country Walk.

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After finally getting back from the town and country walk we drove to Beechworth Bakery for a very late lunch at 3pm. To our surprise the place was packed; and many of the patrons were buying lunch!

The old Beechworth buildings and streets are beautiful. It’s one of the few Victorian towns that has its gold mining heritage intact. On our last day we visited Fiddes Quarry, Ingram’s Rock and The Precipice which were missed on the Town and Country Walk. Then another lunch at Beechworth Bakery with a beesting for dessert. Next a visit to Lake Sambell and Woolshed Falls.

Instead of going home back the same way on the Hume Highway we went home via Myrtleford and Mansfield; then it was too dark to see anything much. It was about 15 minutes longer but we missed a major delay on the Hume due to an accident.

A great weekend!

The Photos

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