Click-A Pictorial History of the Photograph, by Russell Miller

A brief look at the story of photography, the technology, techniques and the art.

Publisher:Marshall Cavendish Publications. London. 1974
ISBN:0 85685 068 3
Characteristics:120 pages, ; 30 cm.
Source:Own Library.

The book covers the beginnings of photography even before film, the camera obscura as described by Aristotle. In the early 1800s recording the images with chemical became possible with the early daguerreotype process, an so the photography industry began. Being released in the 1970’s means that digital photography is not covered at all. A year after the book was published in 1974, in 1975 Kodak made the first digital camera prototype.

The author notes the conflict between painters and photographers about whether or not photography can be considered “art”.

Many famous photographers are mentioned including Nadar (aka Gaspard Felix Tournachon) who was also a balloonist; the interest combination starting off aerial photography. Which is what I love about photography, it can be combined with almost any interest, hobby or industry. Its uses range from medicine to outer space, it’s impact has been huge on science and society.


A brief introduction to photography. It’s a quick read, taking about two hours, but interesting enough to keep the reader engaged. There are many examples and illustrations showing the art and technology of photography.

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