Darebin Creek, Bundoora Golf Course and Mt Cooper, Bundoora

A walk from the Eltham Environs Walking Group.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 9E

Commences from the Visitors’ Centre in Bundoora Park. Enter the park off Plenty Rd, via Fairway Dve (opp. Main Dve) and River Red Gum Dve. On leaving the car park, turn right along River Red Gum Dve. Half way along, cut across parkland to Fairway Drive, and turn right. On reaching Grasslands Rd, turn left. This leads into a walking track that skirts the Bundoora Golf course. Ignore the concrete path constructed in 2011, and instead walk along the fenceline of some houses. On reaching Chenies Rd (not signposted at this point), turn right, cross the bridge, and immediately turn left onto the path adjacent to Darebin Creek. Walk to Dunne St (again not signposted), turn left to cross the bridge. Turn left again at the first road on the left, then left once more into Chenies Rd. Just before the bridge, turn right onto the Darebin Creek path. Shortly after, leave the path to follow a grassy bank on the left, and follow this all the way around the creek. Where the ground starts to rise on your right, leave the creek bank, and commence the climb up Mt Cooper (no path) From here, turn right along the road, to return to the cars.

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