Darebin Creek: CT Barling Park to Bell St, Preston

A walk from the Eltham Environs Walking Group.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 8E

Commences at CT Barling Park, located off Plenty Rd., Preston, just south of (or beyond, if coming from Eltham) the bridge across Darebin Creek.

Walk towards the cricket practise nets, then right along paved path adjacent to Darebin Creek. Where a path enters from the left, turn left and cross the footbridge. At the top of the slight rise, a series of billabongs will be seen on the left, and soon after factories beyond the trees on the right. At the T junction, turn left and walk to, but not across, a sealed road. Walk a few meters on grass to a sign which indicates ‘Car Parking Permit Zone’. Turn left here onto an informal dirt path, and proceed with the billabong on the right. On reaching the sealed path, turn right to return over the footbridge to the Darebin Trail. Turn left here, and walk about 700m to a T junction. Turn left again, and cross a metal bridge painted red and grey. There is a signpost here indicating that the distance to Darebin Parklands is 6.6km. Veer right after crossing the bridge up the earth embankment to join a sealed path, and proceed right (or, better still, follows the sealed path after crossing the bridge, then turn right). It is now simply a matter of following the sealed path for whatever distance seems appropriate. The first major road encountered is Southern Rd, and the path goes underneath this. Beyond this (about 1.2km) is a helipad and Bell St. At some point, about turn and follow the same route to the cars.

Coffee possibility at Old Bundoora Homestead, Snake Gully Rd.

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