Darebin Parklands. Banyule walk, through Darebin Parklands. Oct 2020.

Darebin Parklands loop walk

A long and excellent walk through Darebin, taking the walker through lovely suburban streets and a park with a creek.

We parked around Kenilworth Lane and began doing a walk based on the Darebin Park loop, walking along the main road until reaching Salisbury Avenue. Some of the houses and gardens here feature beautiful gardens with pleasing well thought out designs.

Period home with a very modern garden with clean lines.
Traditional English garden.
Artistic community library.

After a short time Darebin Park is reached. This beautiful space has a wide variety of landscaping, plants and natural and artificial water features.

Crossing Darebin Creek.
Artificial lake.
Rock formation with picnic lawn.

After a short ramble through the park the walk takes you back to the suburban streets of Darebin, once again crossing Darebin Creek over a larger bridge.

Crossing a more natural Darebin Creek.

Here there are more gardens to admire, and maybe chat to some friendly residents.

Continuing on takes you past a view of the city, but it’s somewhat obscured by trees. A bit further on and you are back to your car.

Walking Map

Total distance: 4969 m
Max elevation: 72 m
Min elevation: 21 m
Total climbing: 656 m
Total descent: -647 m

Further Information

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