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Importing Meta Data From Gallery 3 To Acdsee

Save a lot of retyping the meta data for your images with these instructions.

Grab the Gallery Data

Using phpMyAdmin go to the Gallery database and run the following SQL:

SELECT name, title, description FROM items WHERE name LIKE '%jpg%'

Export it

Use the Export option in PHPmyAdmin to export your file to a CSV format.

Edit It

ADCsee cannot import CSV files but it can import a text file called “Descript.ion” located in the folder where your photos are located.

First create a Descript.ion file using the option below. Use this as a guide about how the file should look.

Tools/Database/Export/Description File

Save it to a file called Descript.ion in the folder where the images are located.

Import It into ADCsee

Run the command below from ACDsee to import the Descript.ion file.

Tools/Database/Import/Description File

Note that only two fields can be imported per run. If two are needed move the first one to another field from within ACDsee and then insert the new data next to the file names and run the import function again.

Using EXIFtool

Have a look at the CSV file format by running the following in one of the folders containing the images.

Edit the file to suit, adding the following to the first line. These correspond to the IPTC fields.


Import CSV to IPTC Fields in Image Files

ACDsee cannot import CSV files. The other option is to use exiftool to work with meta data.

First, create a sample CSV file to see how to edit your CSV file…

exiftool *.jpg -csv > junk.csv

Or try…

exiftool *.jpg -csv="new.csv"
exiftool "path_of_a_folder_with_a_few_images" -csv >%userprofile%\Desktop\test.csv

If you get too many columns try limiting the fields to the caption and subject only…

exiftool "path_of_a_folder_with_a_few_images" -caption -subject -csv >%userprofile%\Desktop\test.csv

Next open the CSV file saved with PHPmyAdmin in a text editor like notepad++. For most files only the top line containing the EXIF field names will be missing.

Now you have a csv file with just three columns: full qualified filename, caption and subjects. This should help you how to prepare your existing csv file.
To import the meta data from your csv file type:

exiftool "path_of_a_folder_with_images" -csv=my_file_with_metadata.csv "

Beware: exiftool can write to raw files too. To avoid this, add your file types to the command line. E.g.:

exiftool "path_of_a_folder_with_images" -ext jpg -ext tif -csv=my_file_with_metadata.csv "path_of_a_folder_with_the_images"

From https://forum.acdsee.com/forum/main-category/acdsee-ultimate/52954-bulk-import-of-metadata-from-csv

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