Bush scenery along the track. Lysterfield Lake walk, July 2018.

Lake Lysterfield Walk

A short 6km pleasant walk around Lysterfield Lake, wildlife and scenic views of the lake make this walk most enjoyable.

Lysterfield Lake not only provides an excellent walk around the lake but it’s a mecca for mountain bike riding. In fact the venue was used by the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Near the car park there is a separate area for cyclists and it seemed to run a fair way parallel to the walking trail. Once past the kangaroos there are many trails accessible north of the lake. Next time it will be a cycling day!


Disused Boat Ramp

When I lived in the area around the early 90’s Lysterfield Lake was one of the water bodies I tried the Hobie Cat 14 catamaran on. There’s not a long way to go in such a fast sail craft and you soon run out of room. But what spoilt the place was the park ranger who insisted I couldn’t take the boat trailer down the ramp even without the car. I had only a short distance to go wheeling the trailer down the ramp when he came running saying I couldn’t put the trailer down the ramp!

Without the trailer it was heavy to carry even with his help. His reason was that if I used the ramp then everyone would want to; but isn’t that what the ramp is for? At the time the place was almost empty as it was almost closing time so no one would’ve seen the favour. Anyway it’s now disused and I hope it at least got some use before its abandonment.

Disused boat ramp. Lysterfield Lake walk, July 2018.
Disused boat ramp

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