No 2 Folding Autographic Brownie Camera

As for the Baldina camera the origin of this No 2 Autographic Brownie is unknown. It was introduced even earlier in 1915.

One notable feature is the beautiful brass plate in front of the lens giving the user basic instructions on how to use it.

The shutter release is just above the lens, and there seems to be no cable release, although the instructions mention using a tripod for certain conditions.

The view finder still works well, at least in daylight. I think indoors the camera would be harder to use. It’s harder to unfold and fold compared to the Agfa Isolette. The lens needs to be pulled in or out to the correct position to work properly, compared to just one button on the Agfa.

The beautiful and very practical plate with basic instructions for the photographer.


Type:Folding roll film
Introduced:Sept 1915
Film size:120
Picture size:2 ¼ x 3 ¼ inches
Manufactured: US
Lenses:Achromatic and Rapid Rectilinear – see below
Shutters:Ball Bearing or Kodex – see below
Numbers made:unknown but 540,000 before 1921
Original price:Camera: $10.13 Carrying Case: $1.25
Description:Imitation leather covering; reversible reflecting finder; sliding focusing with lock; from serial number 1,001.
Variations: Feb 1916: new style Autographic attachment from serial number 53,501.
Jan 1917: square ended cases changed to round from serial number 133,301
Oct 1919: support foot shape changed from shallow S cure to shallow C curve from serial number 375,601

Achromatic lens:
Sept 1915-23: ball bearing shutter;
1924-26: Kodex shutter

Rapid Rectilinear lens:
Nov 1915-23: ball bearing shutter; 1924-April 1926: Kodex shutter
Kodar f/7.9 lens: May 1925 – Sept 1926: Kodex shutter
UK Variation:
Anastigmat f/6.3 lens: 1926: Kodex shutter

User Manual


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