Long distance view. Lamington National Park. NSW and Queensland vacation, November/December 1997.

NSW and Queensland, including Noosa and Fraser Island

A vacation to visit some friends rarely seen and to see some of the sights we’ve never seen, like Fraser Island.

This vacation had a wide variety of sights, from the railway roundhouse in Junee to the beautiful terrain and bird life in Lamington National Park in Queensland. We also looked at Movie World, which was good but not my favourite stop.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island was brilliant, with is natural scenery and features. Getting the ferry and then driving along the beach was fantastic, glad it wasn’t my car in the salt and sand. The sand at Lake Boomanjin is ideal for polishing jewelry as each grain is perfectly round and it won’t scratch the surface. The water in the creeks is beautifully clear.

The Maheno ship wreck was interesting to look at, the first one I’ve seen first hand. Looking at images from Google there’s not much left of it now.

Ice Sculpture Exhibition

Sculptures done in ice was nothing I had seen before, and it was a hot day; so why not check it out and get cool! They provide you with jackets to stay warm in the below freezing temperature. The sculptures were amazing pieces of art, and there was an ice slide to have fun on. When I got back to the outside heat water was condensing on the camera and probably inside it too. The camera and photos don’t seem to have suffered from the experience, although it’s probably not worth risking your equipment for the few worthwhile photos that you get.

The Photos

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