Reids Tramline Walk, Powelltown

A beautiful scenic walk through the forest surrounding Powelltown. Logging relics and forest make for a fine walk. 

We have passed the walk start a couple of times on our way to Neerim South from Eltham. But on this journey we left early so there would be enough time to do the walk.

It starts from Powelltown Streamside Reserve which is opposite a large operating lumber mill. The sign gives a discouraging warning that the walk is very steep, and it takes 2 to 3 hours. The first part up Big Bertha track is steep but once you get past the climb (about 2.5km) the track is level and then descends down to Blackwoods Creek and then the walk to the main road is beautiful and a very pleasant walk to do.

Little Yarra River
Rail wheels and axle

Walking along the road is a bit of a let down; but it’s not too busy and it does take you past the Powelly Pub which would be a fine place to stop for lunch. We had a picnic waiting for us at our car so we continued on.

Yarra Junction -Noojee Road

There are not many relics left from the early logging days. I only saw a log cart at the start and a set of wheels and axle just before the main road. It’s still an excellent walk to do, following the creek is a definite highlight.

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