Scenic Cres and Ryans Rd, Eltham North

A walk from the Eltham Environs Walking Group.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 6M

Commences from Eltham Library. Follow the Diamond Creek Trail north, and cross the railway line twice. At the bottom of the incline in Railway Pde, turn left to cross the creek at the Gum Glade footbridge. Now take one of the following 2 options:

  1. At the top of Gum Glade, turn left and follow Scenic Crescent, then turn left into Elm Cres, turn right into Highpoint Cres and then turn right into Ryans Rd. Continue north along Ryans Rd to turn right into Orchard Rd, walking downhill to Progress Rd. Cross over Progress Rd into Scenic Cres, returning to Gum Glade and back to the Library.
  2. Turn right at the top of Gum Glade to follow Scenic Cres to Progress Rd, and cross to the footpath on the northern side of Progress Rd. Turn right, go through the roundabout, and walk up the steep path. Turn left into Glen Park Rd, following this road around, and finishing with a climb up to Ryans Rd. Turn left into Ryans Rd, and return to the Library via one of these 3 ways:
  1. Take the steep footpath down from the SE corner of Progress Rd to Allison Cres, left into Sherbrooke St, right into Scenic Cres, then left back into Gum Glade; or
  2. Continue along Ryans Rd to turn left into Highpoint Cres, then straight across the roundabout into Silver St, and at the lowest point in Silver St, turn left into Ines St At the end, look for a path adjacent to CLC school, and after a short distance turn left into Diamond Stl. Cross the creek, and turn right to rejoin the Diamond Creek Trail; or
  3. Continue further along Ryans Rd to turn left into Kerrie Cres, straight across Silver St into Diamond St.
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