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Smiths Gully & St Andrews Nature History Trail

A fine easy walk which takes you along a path of historical discovery.

There are signs along the way which informs the walker of the gold mining history of the area. There are some changes made to the creek’s water course by the gold miners and the signs are useful to help you appreciate what you are looking at.

Queenstown State Battery. The battery in operating condition. The only remains are the footings and the weir. Taken around 1920.

In the park just over the creek there is a weir (now used by the CFA) and some footings of the battery machinery.

There are some tables and it’s a nice quiet place to have lunch, or return to the market for an easy delicious (but pricey) lunch. And there’s always the hotel too.

Walk Description

Begin where the St Andrews market is held, just opposite the St Andrews Hotel which is on the Heidelberg-Kinglake Road. Walk along Proctor Road for about 400 metres where the road forks. Take the right hand fork to walk along Black Cameron Road for a short distance. On the right is a large sign marking the walk beginning and it also has some interesting information.

The walk goes for about 2 km as you follow the valley where Smith’s Gully (creek) runs. Towards the end the track crosses the creek by means of some stepping stones. I’ve never seen the stones covered with water but with enough rain they could be, so if it’s passable, cross over. Next Smiths Gully Road is reached and Queenstown Cemetery located over the road is well worth exploring.

Return the same way back to St Andrews Hotel and your car.

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