Yallambie Tennis courts to Willinda Park, Yallambie

A walk from Eltham and Environs Walking Group.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 23E

Yallambie Tennis courts to Willinda Park, Yallambie. Commences at Yallambie tennis courts (access via Yallambie Rd and Binawee Ave). From the tennis courts, take the bike path upstream and continue along beside the river, past the Aboriginal signage.

Proceed along the main path, crossing first one then a second footbridge. Shortly afterwards, take the path on the left which rises somewhat; proceed up this hill (do not take the path down to the third bridge). Continue along on this side of the river, ignoring several paths off to the right. Some distance later, the main path rises steeply, giving good views of the river.

At times the path passes through flat grassed areas. Continue on this main path until it eventually reaches the athletic track at Willinda Park, the half way point of this walk. There are toilets here.

Pass along the perimeter of the Park, with the athletics track on the left, then proceed down the path to the right, to the footbridge which crosses the river. Continue along the main path, keeping the river on the right.

Eventually, the path crosses the previously neglected third bridge, and so rejoins the original path back to the Yallambie tennis courts.

It is possible to do this walk, keeping the river on the left.

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