Blue Lotus Water Garden

The photogenic and relaxing gardens and ponds of Blue Lotus Water Garden near Warburton.

Looking for a nice place to visit on our anniversary we decided to go to Blue Lotus Water Garden before it shuts again until December and then go onto Warburton for a nice walk along the Yarra River.

Silver Lotus Lagoon

There is no doubt the water garden is beautiful; there are many photographers looking to get that perfect shot and with so many flowers and plants to chose from it can be a long process taking many photos. We found the food there rather expensive and being a public holiday it was very busy; but the venue has plenty of parking and I don’t think it would ever be unable to cater for all visitor’s cars.

The Giant Lillies and Crocodile Plant is amazing to look at. They are among the truly unique shapes that can be found in nature.

A lot of the infrastructure is looking dated and rather amateurish looking in its construction. It reminded me of an early version (or maybe the way it still is) of the Caribbean Gardens near Dandenong.

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