Queen Victoria, A Life of Contradictions. Matthew Dennison

Published 2013, 189 pages (including 35 of notes, bibliography and index).

Dennison. Queen Victoria-A Life of Contradictions.

This book is somewhat hard to follow with usage of words that aren’t in common use. Almost every page needed a visit or two to the dictionary or Google to determine a word definition.

It covers the main points of Victoria’s reign and despite the book title I couldn’t find too many “contradictions”. Of interested is her changing mind states and how it affects her ruling. It’s interesting to note how back in the 1800’s royalty took part in politics more back then when Victoria’s mood allowed for it. There are long periods during which her depression over mourning for Albert severely reduced her interest in ruling.

Notable was the lack of mention how badly she treated her children, and her attitude towards Albert sexually and her distaste for babies (after watching “Queen Victoria’s Children”).

A good brief account of a long and eventful reign.

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