Rural rusty sheds

Garden Hill and Nicholas Lane, Kangaroo Ground

A delightful walk with a variety of rural scenery, beginning from Kangaroo Ground’s cemetery.

This was a surprisingly scenic walk. Once you get onto Carters Lane the rural scenery takes off.

Despite the description lamenting the sealing of the roads we found them easy to walk on. There is often plenty of space off the bitumen to walk on, plus the grass is much better for your feet. Few cars passed us on the road.

The return leg off Dawsons Road is tricky to find. Look out for a narrow gravel path going up the embankment just past the olive grove. The walk back to the cemetery features natural bush and rustic farm sheds. There’s also a place for picking blackberries when the season is right.

Garden Hill and Nicholas Lane, Kangaroo Ground walk, April 2022.

The cemetery is worth checking out. I found Dawsons Road namesake, who died in 1898.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 41M

Commences in Cemetery Rd at Kangaroo Ground Cemetery. Walk beyond the car park, away from the road, to a grassy trail, both to the left and right. This is the Garden Hill Trail. Turn left, and follow the horse trail south for about 800m to Eltham-Kangaroo Ground Rd. Cross the road (care: speed limit 80kph), then turn left into Henley Rd. After 200m, turn left into Carters La. Walk for about 900m.down the hill. Turn left into Nicholas La and proceed 2km to rejoin Eltham-Kangaroo Ground Rd. Turn right, and walk 300m to Dawsons Rd. Turn left. After 800m, climb the embankment on the left to rejoin Garden Hill Trail. Note that the point where the trail enters Dawson Rd can be difficult to see. It is at the western end of an olive grove on the left, and near the lowest point along Dawson Rd. Walk up and along the trail for 1.3km, back to the cars. For a different perspective, this walk is equally interesting in the reverse direction. Unfortunately, both Nicholas Lane and Carter Lane are now sealed, and without verges. In late Spring, the grass can be very long along Garden Hill Trail.

Total distance: 7016 m
Max elevation: 191 m
Min elevation: 94 m
Total climbing: 820 m
Total descent: -831 m
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