Rosehill and Old Eltham Rds, Lower Plenty

A walk from the Eltham Environs Walking Group.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 20M

Commences from the carpark at Wingrove Park, opposite the service station off Main Rd, Eltham.

Follow the bitumen path straight ahead past the toilets (on right). The path veers after a short distance, and then continues for a short distance in between Main Rd (on the left) and Diamond Creek (on the right). Turn left under the road bridge, turn right across Diamond Creek on the footbridge, then right under the road bridge again. Turn left almost immediately, and walk south to join the footpath on Main Rd.

Follow the path turning to the right until reaching the traffic lights at Bolton St, passing Falkiner and Souter Sts on the right. Cross Main Rd (not Bolton St) with the lights, and walk south up the hill. Turn right into Old Eltham Rd, and walk along the narrow dirt track.

Take the second turn left into View St, walk to the end, then across a small grassed area and turn left into Rosehill Rd. Walk almost to Fitzsimons Lane. Turn right down a path parallel but lower than the road.

At the first entrance to Westerfold Park and the old canoe ramp, turn left then right under the road bridge. Take the path past the car park. There are now two possibilities:

  1. In dry weather, walk straight ahead onto the narrow dirt track, and follow the Yarra River to the pedestrian bridge.
  2. In wet weather, use the gravel track on the right. Follow it to the pedestrian bridge.

Cross the pedestrian bridge over the Yarra River into Lower Eltham Park, and either:

  1. Walk straight ahead. Cross the road, and turn left onto the path around Lower Eltham Park. The path will enter, then leave, and then re-enter the park. At the main gates, turn right.
  2. After crossing the pedestrian bridge, do a U turn right and walk along the path that follows the Yarra. After veering left, the path will be beside Diamond Creek. Walk to the miniature railway crossing, and cross to Main Rd. Turn right.

Walk towards Eltham. Cross the pedestrian bridge over Diamond Creek, then left under the road bridge, and follow the path to the cars in Wingrove Park. 

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