Then There Was Her, Sophie Cachia

What I thought was a novel turned out to be a mini biography of a very interesting minor celebrity.

Publisher:Simon & Schuster Australia (May 4, 2022)
Author:Sophie Cachia
Characteristics:317 pages; 24 cm.

The book is about the life of Sophia Cachia, from part of her childhood to after she split up with husband Jaryd Cachia, an AFL football player, and started her dating life with women. At first, I didn’t realise Sophia is a minor celebrity with an appearance on Australian Survivor (she didn’t last very long) and with her own popular podcast. She is also a successful businesswoman.

Sophia reveals herself as a hedonistic character seeking sexual pleasure with young children in tow. And she treats her partners badly at times, at one time dumping a current partner if a more preferred one becomes available. She had a somewhat troubled upbringing. Her father was an AFL coach, and she was often teased at school about it. Her parents didn’t get on and eventually separated

It’s probably not spoken about enough that when you
breakup with someone, you break up with their entire life as

Sophie Cachia

It’s an enlightening, good look at what a homosexual lifestyle is like. And it’s mainly about sexual pleasure and nothing else, which is probably why the partners don’t last, at least in Sophia’s situation. While she has her looks it would be a fun way to live, but at the older end of life I reckon it would be lonely. She admits to being bisexual and interestingly most of the women she is attracted to are masculine. One girlfriend revealed that 18 of the 24 players in her AFL team are gay.

Then There Was Her – front cover

She did love Jaryd, and he is fine with her new life, he even wrote a chapter in the book. Towards the end of their marriage, it was an open relationship, leaving Sophie free to experiment. I feel for the children who are experiencing a disrupted environment to grow up in.

I don’t think Sophia is a good role model for young women to aspire to. It’s concerning that Sophia promotes her lifestyle in a podcast called “HER” which can’t be good for society.


Not really written the best, but it’s easy to follow and an engaging read. For a look into a celebrity life that’s hopefully different to most of them, it’s interesting to learn about someone very different to yourself. There’s plenty of information about Sophia on the internet to learn more about her and her latest relationships, and there are new ones frequently.

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