Whipstick Gully and Webb Rd, Warrandyte State Park

A walk from the Eltham Environs Walking Group.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 36M

Commences at the corner of Whipstick Gully Rd & Warrandyte Rd. Park either in the car park across the road from this corner, or in the car park in Whipstick Gully Rd. Walk up Whipstick Gully Rd and Track to Tunnel St, ignoring the track off to the left just before the steep rise.

Turn left through the gate out of the park opposite Betton Track into Tunnel St, and walk to Webb St. Turn right, and walk along Webb St for about 300m. Look for a Warrandyte State Park sign on the right, and re-enter the park here.

Ignore Wildcat Link on the right, instead following Dead End Track on the left. After 200m, Dead End Track veers right. Ignore this, instead following the unnamed track on the left. At the top of the incline, turn right into Fiddler Gully Track. Follow this, initially down then steeply up, to rejoin Webb St.

Turn right into Webb St, and follow this until it becomes a cul-de-sac and turning circle. Turn left through the gate to re-enter the park, and walk along unsignposted Pigtail Track. At the T-junction, Boundary Track is to the left, and the Bridle Trail to the right. Follow the Bridle Trail through to Wattle Blossom Rd.

Turn right into Masonic Rd (not signposted), then left into Ringwood-Warrandyte Rd. Cross at a safe point, and walk along the side track. Cross Tills Rd, and pass a café. Look for a track alongside the Yarra River on the right. Walk on this track to the Warrandyte Historical Society. Return to the main road via a car park and toilets, which are opposite Whipstick Gully Rd.

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