Yandell Reserve, Apollo Parkways and Partingtons Flat, Greensborough

A walk from Eltham and Environs Walking Group.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 1M

Commences at the Andrew Yandell Habitat near corner of Community Drive & St Helena Rd, Greensborough. Proceed north past the pre-school. Initially the track proceeds straight ahead, then veers left.

At a T junction, turn right. From the end of the track turn right onto the bitumen (at this point, the name of the street isn’t evident), and after about 100m, look for a footpath on the left. Take this path. This leads to a road, which you now follow. At the first road on the right, turn right. This is Hebden St (the sign is concealed behind branches). On reaching a T junction with Greenhills Rd, turn left, and proceed to a major divided road. This is Diamond Creek Rd. Cross Diamond Creek Rd (traffic travelling at 70kph on right, 80kph on left), and look for the footpath that runs between the houses and Greensborough Bypass. Turn left on to this path, and continue on this as it runs parallel to the bypass. Pass the footbridge coming in on the right, proceeding straight ahead, and taking the first concrete footpath on the left. Walk along this path, crossing under Plenty River Dve, and follow the path as it veers to the right. This means you will not be proceeding down the hill. You will reach a T intersection which overlooks Partingtons Flat (partly concealed by trees). Turn right down the steeply sloping concrete path. At the base of this path, walk past the toilets and pavilion, and look for the path to cross the footbridge. Turn right into Yando St, cross over, and walk to the lake.

Walk around the lake. Retrace steps via Yando St to the car parking area and close to the footbridge. Now take one of the following options:

  1. Go left and cross ford (alongside the footbridge), then right onto a track that skirts Partingtons Flat. Keep right, and walk to Diamond Creek Rd, and one point around the edge of a sports oval.
  2. At the end of Yando St, cross into Whatmough Park (immediately ahead). Walk around the perimeter, then cross the swing bridge. Walk towards the Living and Learning Centre, again around a sports oval.

Cross Diamond Creek Rd at the lights, and proceed up St Helena Rd. Two-thirds of the way up, take the dirt track and steps on the left, or simply continue along St Helena Rd to return to the cars.

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