The Frackers, by Gregory Zuckerman

If you want lots of detail about how the US fracking companies were formed and run then this book is for you.

A review of The Frackers, by Gregory Zuckerman

The Frackers, by Gregory Zuckerman. Cover image.

In the USA the situation for mining rights is very different to Australia. The landowners get the royalties and not the government. Most of the discoveries are made by individual “wildcatters”, whereas in Australia it’s all mining companies. So overall I didn’t think it was that relevant to us.

I wanted information on how the controversial fracking process is done and the dangers to the environment. There is little information about this. There is a page or two which suggests that the danger is small and most of the chemicals are benign.

It’s a start but you need to look further for information about the fracking process itself.

Borrowed from the Yarra Valley Library.


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