The Rise and Fall of Australia, by Nick Bryant

Sometimes it’s good to get a different point of view about your country.

The Rise and Fall of Australia, by Nick Bryant. Book cover.

It was interesting to read what a UK reporter impression of Australia is. At the start it’s glowing and Australia is “punching above its weight” for all sorts of things besides sport. (It was interesting to note the British press were disappointed with the lack of reaction he got from Aussies losing the cricket).

Then he starts about the decline, especially our politicians who should make better decisions and behave better in parliament. He blames this on the media (they don’t have anything better to report on) and even the isolation of Canberra not being able to attract better people to the job.

Towards the end of the book he is more positive about us.
It’s well worth reading and getting an outside viewpoint of how Australia is viewed by the world.

Borrowed from the Yarra Valley Library.

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