Walking towards the surf beach from the pier. Inverloch summer season, 2012/2013.


Our times at Inverloch having a family holiday house there. We have been visiting Inverloch since 1991 and we have seen a lot of changes. The old holiday shacks with character are being replaced with architect designed monochrome boxes. Some do look good and others not so much.

A surprising change is the beach. It’s almost gone from the pier to the old Moller’s Caravan Park (which has now gone too!).

At the caravan and camping park at the other end at high tide the beach does not resume until the fishing club premises. The erosion is due to Smythe’s Point losing it’s sea facing part in a large storm about five years ago.



Inverloch has been settled for a long time and has experienced many changes over time. There are some remains about making it an interesting area for those interested in history. Historic photos of Inverloch. A collection of historic photos of Inverloch.

It’s interesting to note that while the natural features have changed little (including the continuously eroding Eagle’s Nest) the town has changed a lot.

Pine Lodge Motel and The Ripple ketch have interested me as both still have a presence in Inverloch. There are the remains of the driveway and entrance pillars for the Pine Lodge Motel and there’s a full size replica and display of the The Ripple on the Esplanade. Both are explored further below.

  • Changing Sands of Inverloch

    Changing Sands of Inverloch

    After going to Inverloch since 1991 for summer our summer holidays I always knew that the sand banks in Andersons Inlet were constantly changing.

  • Inverloch Pictorial Souvenir c1948

    Inverloch Pictorial Souvenir c1948

    A collection of historic photos of Inverloch. These images came from a pictorial souvenir published by Murray Views and was purchased from the Sea Shed around 2005.

  • Pine Lodge Motel, Inverloch

    Pine Lodge Motel, Inverloch

    The Pine Lodge Motel at Inverloch Pine Lodge Private Hotel was opened in 1930 with luxury accommodation, entertainment and sporting activities including a nine hole golf course, two tennis courts and horse riding.

If you wish to learn more about Inverloch’s past try the Inverloch Historical Society.

Inverloch Holiday House Sold

In November 2013 the decision was made to sell the holiday house as it was getting difficult and expensive to maintain from Melbourne. A year later it was sold to a local investor; and at the same time Moller’s Caravan park closed for good.

We leave behind many happy memories and we can now move on to create new ones.

Thank you Hans for giving us a wonderful house for wonderful times.

Sold! After waiting some weeks for the finance to come throught the Inverloch holiday house is now sold. Last time waking in Inverloch, Sep 2014.

Good-bye Inverloch (holiday house)

The last stages of cleaning up and removing all furniture from our holiday house.

After all of our belongings were taken home we came back for one last look at our holiday house in Karen’s Micra; and we visited a point of interest in Wonthaggi on the way home, the site of Victoria’s worst mine disaster in 1937.

Loaded up with trailer load number 3. A bed run, the house is almost empty. Inverloch holiday house clean up, almost done, Oct-2014.
Loaded up with trailer load number 3. A bed run, the house is almost empty. Inverloch holiday house clean up, almost done, Oct-2014.


On our way home from doing the Foster to Port Welshpool ride we passed through Inverloch. The old holiday house was looking great with a striking new seaside colour scheme, on the front at least! A new driveway and a walled in car port are the other obvious changes.

The old holiday house at 3 Anderson Ave, Inverloch
The old holiday house at 3 Anderson Ave, Inverloch. February 2019.

The beach had changed too, with much of the tea tree forest gone. It used to be a struggle getting the kayak through here, but now there are no obstacles.

Beach near Anderson Ave, Inverloch. Inverloch visit, Feb 2019.
Beach near Anderson Ave, Inverloch. Hans’ steps are still serving the community. Inverloch visit, Feb 2019.
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