Impressive bridge spanning the uneven ground below

Main Yarra, Koonung and Mullum Mullum Creek loop

A longer version of the Doncaster East via Koonung Trail and the Doncaster East loop via George Street. The loop itself is 42km long.

Route Map

This is a longer version of the Doncaster East Loop via Koonung Trail. It takes you further along the Koonung Trail which mostly follows the busy Eastern Freeway. We followed it clockwise starting from Eltham. Remember to turn right onto the Main Yarra trail before reaching Burke Road. It’s an easy turn to miss. Straight on is the city.

Total distance: 51004 m
Max elevation: 135 m
Min elevation: 15 m
Total climbing: 452 m
Total descent: -452 m

Mullum Mullum Creek trail

The loop is possible because the missing link in the Mullum Mullum Creek trail was opened in 2018, complete with an official ceremony. The new part has been well constructed with impressive walkways and bridges. It would make a good walk from Park Road.

Mullum Mullum Creek
Mullum Mullum Creek

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