Mulberry Orchard and Alphington circuit, Darebin Creek

A walk from the Eltham Environs Walking Group.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 6E

This walk commences at the car park off the east end of Separation Street, Alphington. One approach to reach this car park is from Upper Heidelberg Road: turn right into Banksia St, left into Oriel Rd at the roundabout, right into Darebin Rd (Livingstone St), left into Grange Rd, then left into Separation Street. Drive to the end and turn left onto a bluestone path and car park. Park near the toilets.


From the car park step up onto the concrete path and turn right. Follow the concrete path until just past the DCMC Environment Centre and veer slightly left onto an informal dirt track. Follow this dirt track, crossing the concrete path and continuing on grassy area. The track curves around, passing the Tip Water Treatment System and Mt Puffalo Viewing Hill on the left (a side trip could be made to the top of the viewing hill). Turn right when you reach the concrete path and almost immediately take the right branch. Follow this path to the end passing under the railway bridge, until reaching the bluestone Upper Heidelberg Rd bridge. At the time of writing, this is the end of a path which will eventually join the Main Yarra Trail. Return by the same route, and about 150m after passing under the railway bridge. take a dirt track veering to the right. Follow this track along the creek until you come to a small bridge: turn right and cross over the bridge, go up 4 steps and take the track veering to the right. Follow the narrow track, with the creek on your right. At the marker headed “Possibilities” the track goes up the hill until a road is reached. Turn left and walk along Rockbeare Grove (not sign-posted at this point). Just after house no. 24 turn left onto Darebin Parklands easement. The track descends down Cobb & Co Wagon Track (1870) to be back at the 4 steps and little bridge. Go down the steps, cross the bridge and turn right. Walk around the outside edge of “dogs off leash area” with the creek on your right. Go through the next gate and follow track. Go through another gate and continue, pass a billabong formation and go through a gate. Follow path around and up, then turn right into Mulberry Avenue (1860). Continue until reaching the concrete path: turn left here and follow this path back to the cars.

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