Old Kinglake Rd to Mt Everard, Kinglake National Park

A walk from Eltham and Environs Walking Group.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 61M

Commences from the car park at the corner of Heidelberg-Kinglake Rd and Old Kinglake Rd.

This walk, originally classified as 1L, extended beyond Mt Everard to follow Bundy’s Track, with a return along Old Kinglake Rd. In 2010, Bundy’s Track became overgrown and difficult to discern following fires. Parks Vic plan to realign Bundy’s Track so as to make the gradient less steep; until that occurs, the walk as originally designed is not available.

The new walk from Old Kinglake Rd to Mt Everard and beyond comprises a wide management vehicle track, and is about 8km in length. From the car park, follow the sign to Mt Everard, and then continue beyond this if desired, or turn left at the T junction near Mt Everard, and explore some of the track which runs parallel to the original Bundy’s Track. Retrace your steps at any suitable juncture. The gradients are moderate. In mid October 2010, flowering plants were spectacular along this route.

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