Rock formation at Albany. Western Australia vacation, Sep 1990.

Western Australia, September 1990

A trip to Western Australia to catch the beautiful wildflowers and other natural beauties of the west.

After a four-hour flight we arrived in Perth, picked up the hire car and headed to Hyden. The accommodation reminded me a bit of Fawlty Towers as the staff were trying to cope with a large busload of tourists.

The long drive to Hyden is worth it to view Wave Rock. This rock formation looks like a surf wave frozen in time and is truly unique.

Next we headed south to look at Albany, then Denmark and Margaret River. Here we took a cruise to Rottnest Island. This is a beautiful with very cute Quokkas (cat sized marsupials). I recall seeing rails there and thinking how out of place they were on a small island. The railway is quite extensive and was used for supplying fixed guns with ammunition; a tram now services the many island tourists.

Another highlight was swimming with the dolphins at Monkey Mia. It’s amazing to be able to feed these wild creatures who come to the beach and people because they choose to.

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