Yarra Bend: Kane’s Bridge to Fairfield Park

A walk from the Eltham Environs Walking Group.

Walk Description

From the Eltham Environs Walking Group, walk 31E

Commences from the carpark in Yarra Bend Road at Kanes Bridge. From the cars walk downhill along the path above the river opposite Studley Park Boathouse and continue on closer to the river around the Bend. The path narrows and eventually leads uphill to a lookout and beyond to join the path along Yarra Bend Rd. Turn left onto this path opposite the golf club, walking initially above the river and then close to the water. Walk along the river to the junction with Merri Creek. It may be possible to cross the creek to view Dights Falls before re-crossing the bridge to the path that leads back along the course of Merri Creek. Keep right when a path forks off on the left to a bridge across the creek. Continue on the asphalt path and cross Yarra Bend Rd to follow the northern fence line of NMIT to Fairfield Park. Descend towards the river via the steps on left of the Canoe Club and Amphitheatre. Turn right at the lowest level and follow the track along the river and under the pipe bridge. Stay close to the river, passing under the freeway, until the track leads uphill to the golf course. (It may be necessary to climb over a gate.) At the top of the short climb turn right and then left around the top of the golf course to once again meet Yarra Bend Rd. which you can cross and turn left to return to the cars.

Allow 40-45 minutes to reach Yarra Bend Park from Eltham.

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