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iPage Hosting Very Ordinary

I got lured to iPage by their many ads and the insanely cheap price of $40 for twelve months including a domain name. But it’s not worth it.

For a start the interface is a non standard CPanel version. The file manager doesn’t deal with ZIP files, you have to go to an “Archive Gateway” to compress and uncompress your archive files. The service is the slowest I’ve encountered (even worse than Bluehost); you really notice it when you are adding and editing your site from the back-end. And it frequently goes down, usually only for a few minutes at a time though.

I’ve had quite a few issues getting WordPress plugins to run. They are helpful but there’s no convenience of posting a fault ticket; you have to wait for someone to chat to you which often takes twenty minutes or more. Once you get someone they take ages to respond to your messages. It turns out they are chatting to four people at once.

No Tickets

When I first joined there was a ticket system where you leave your problem written in a ticket and get an answer some time later (days away sometimes). But for some reason iPage got rid of this handy feature, even though most hosting companies provide it. Instead you can “chat”. So now you get to wait up to 20 minutes before someone says hello, and that’s probably just a robot; and then there’s about a five minute delay between your question and their answer. I inquired about this and the iPage agent told me was looking after four “chats” simultaneously. No wonder he was slow.


Avoid, there are much better options out there.

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