Horse drawn tram. Victor Harbour. South Australia holiday, November 1995.

South Australia Holiday, 1995

After a long break, a holiday to South Australia. The last time I was in South Australia was many years ago before settling down. With Karen I got most of the sights done except for the National Railway Museum; and Karen wasn’t going to remind me!

On the way we visited Blue Lake in Mt Gambier. The water comes from ground water and it’s the best water I’ve ever tasted; that are almost no impurities. The residents are so lucky!

We tried out using the car ferries approaching Victor Harbour; and this is a beautiful seaside town with the unique attraction of a horse drawn tram; one of the first railways in Australia.

Hahndorf is a beautiful place to visit and it now has the National Car Museum at Birdwood. A good part of the collection came from Gilltraps Car Museum that was in Surfers Paradise.

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